All beer taste the same? Things you should never say on a trip to Germany

8I expected East Berlin to look different

When it comes to walking around in Berlins neighbourhoods, it’s unlikely that you will know whether you’re in the East or the West. Lots of Houses were build before the Berlin Wall and townships are not surveyed north, south, east, and west from a point or street.

Berlin is packed full of history, but you wont see a lot of evidence of the Sectors right across the city. Mostly you will find them on Tourist Hotspots like Check Point Charly, East Side Gallery or the Brandenburger Tor.

If you are curious about the Allied-occupied Berlin after World War II take a Day Trip to the Glienicker Brücke where the spies were exchanged or get a bicycle and ride the 160 Kilometer long “Mauerweg” where the Berlin Wall originally was built on.