All beer taste the same? Things you should never say on a trip to Germany

4Germans have no sense of humour

When I used to live in Los Angeles sometimes I saw a grumpy old man eating in a restaurant. The same stereotype you will find in Berlin also. But that is not the kind of people you want to meet and hang around with.

Here is a good reading, why Germans look like angry and mean to us:

“Tears of laughter trickled down my face and I clapped so hard my hands turned red. But I was surprised at my reaction, for I was being hilariously entertained by a German comedian at Quatsch Comedy Club in Berlin, in a situation that could be considered oxymoronic by many.”

Germans obviously appreciate a show of good humor, as fact made evident with the soaring popularity of these comedy venues in Berlin. In fact, comedy has deep roots in German culture, with a strong appreciation of political satire as well as physical slapstick. Also Germans are very witty when making fun of themselves.

One answer in this article is the komplexity of the German language. When you try to speak with a literal translation of humor, you lose a lot of its meaning that makes a joke funny. As a result you often see a blanc expression on the face of the listener.

However, if you are looking for a good Lough in Berlin you should visit the neighbourhood of Neukölln that hosts a large number of comedy nights.