Top 10 Beautiful Greek Islands

Vacation in the Beautiful Greek Islands

You may not realize just how much Greece has to offer as a vacation destination. Greece is more than just a haven for archaeologists looking for clues from one of the world’s first civilizations. However, there can be a lot of pleasure found in traveling to this land to see some of the oldest works of art and culture in the world. Many families are finding that Greece is the perfect vacation spot because it has something for everyone. In particular, the beautiful Greek islands hold many historical treasures that may be of interest to you when you take a Greek vacation.

Most of us can find Greece on a map of Eastern Europe, between the Ionian Sea and Aegean Sea of the Mediterranean region. And, we’ve heard much about early Greek culture. Greece has been a long-running civilization. In particular, the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea have existed under a wide variety of peoples. The natural result of this is a surprising level of religious, cultural, social, and architectural diversity. Likewise, the historical artifacts bear out this rich diversity.

No trip to Greece is complete without seeing the Greek olive orchards. You should also see the vast grapevines, forests, and mountain ranges that stretch across Greece. There is something for everyone in Greece, but if you only have a short time for your vacation, the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea are a must see. These islands around Greece are among the more popular tourist destinations, so there are plenty of established tours available.

The famous churches that are characterized by blue domes are found in the Cycladic Islands. Characteristic pure white housing can also be seen on the island of Paros. In the small city of Nafplio of the Argolis prefecture, you can see housing that is still built today in the style of old. If you are looking for culture more impacted by the Ottoman, check out Kozáni or Grevená. But if you’re like most tourists on a time budget, you’ll probably want to spend the bulk of your time visiting some of the real hot spots in the Aegean Sea.

Greek Island Hot Spots for Tourists


Chios is thought to be the birthplace of the famous poet Homer. This island was once famous for its pine trees and snakes. Chios is also the home of a variety of religious ruins. This island has quite a bit of historical variety because it was ruled by a variety of nations over the centuries.


Ikaria, holding a name from Greek mythology, is widely appreciated for its long history. Archaeologists have traced items of civilization on this island back to thousands of years.


Kalymnos is a mostly barren island, except for its tasty citrus crops. Instead, it is the sponge fishing done around this island that makes it famous. Kalymnos has historically prospered as a trading port.


One of the easternmost Greek islands, Kastelorizo is a mountainous, limestone island. When you visit this island, you can see castle ruins and religious building ruins. For a relaxing tour, you can take a cave boat tour.


While Lesbos was long a cultural center in Greece, it is the writings of Sappho that bring this island so much acclaim and tourism today. The modern word “lesbian” is said to have its roots in the homosexual poetry of Sappho. Lesbian tourists from around the world flock to this island. The island is also famous for its petrified forest and numerous olive groves.


Among Christians, Patmos is a very popular place to visit. At the time of the Bible writer John, one of the twelve disciples of Jesus, Patmos was a place of imprisonment. John identifies Patmos as his location when he was writing the book of Revelation. Today, Patmos, with a population of well under 5,000 people, remains a major historical site, with tourists often outnumbering residents.


The Colossus of Rhodes is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It was destroyed by one of the largest known earthquakes in history. The island of Rhodes has been devastated by several major earthquakes, but spaced centuries apart. Rhodes is the largest of the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. You can see a wide variety of ancient architecture and ruins from a variety of periods when you visit Rhodes.


Samos is typically Mediterranean, being made up mostly of vineyards and groves for growing grapes, olives, nuts, and citrus. If you’re a wine and olive enthusiast, make sure to include Samos in your Greek island vacation. Samos is known for its rich history of thought and culture, and in particular its early democracy. Samos was the home of such great thinkers as Pythagoras and Aristarchus. It was a strategic location for a navy, and at various points was controlled by various nations for use as a naval port. The result for modern tourists is a rich history to explore.


Symi is another of the Greek islands that has been under the control of a variety of nations. It was a strategic location for naval warfare and trade. In fact, for many centuries Symi was one of the wealthiest of the islands because of its rich trade. This is significant because the population of Symi has less than 3,000 permanent residents. Today, Symi isn’t so important in trade, but it is a beautiful place to visit with a rich set of ruins and histories from various conquering nations.


Santorini is one of the most breathtaking Places on the planet. You will be enchanted as soon as you step foot on this beautiful island. Fram the jagged cliffs formed from a volcanic crater, the caldera, plunged into the beautiful Aegean sea, to the whitewashed buildings stark against the blue sky, there isn’t anything on this island that doesn’t charm.