These Famous Travel Destinations Are Really Disappointing

10Die Pyramiden von Gizeh in Ägypten


The pyramids of Giza are another mystery and really fascinating. The pyramids were built for eternity and have done a great job so far. In the tombs there are decorations representing the rich culture – not only of the Egyptian philosophy of death but also of their way of life.


If you have left from Cairo by public transport or taxi, you will be disappointed immediately upon arrival. Not necessarily the buildings of the pharaohs, but hundreds and thousands of camel drivers and souvenir sellers who drag you to their shop. If they offer you a chai, it ends up only in a shop. And others who ask for nothing, but nothing at all except to annoy baksheesh.

Also you should beware of certain special offers. If you drive to the Nile during the summer months – from June to October – the sightseeing program will be a torture at temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius.

Traffic, tourists and pollution are other puzzles you’ll encounter on your trip to the Pyramids.