Top 10 Free Things To Do In Prague

8See the art at the John Lennon Wall

After many attempts to remove graffiti from the John Lennon Wall, the authorities have finally given up and accepted that the art is here to stay. As various artists have added extra song lyrics and messages of peace and love over time, this otherwise insignificant stretch of wall has become a tribute to the famous Beatles singer since his murder over thirty years ago.

9Stroll around Kampa

Often referred to as ‚The Venice of Prague‘, Kampa is a beautiful area with a great park that boasts stunning views of the Charles Bridge. Kampa is one of the most popular recreational areas for Prague locals, and with its old watermill and historic setting, it isn’t hard to see why.

10Admire the famous architecture

If there’s one thing that Prague is known for, it’s the splendour and intricacy of its architecture. The Czech capital has a wealth of remarkable smaller buildings that would be major attractions in most cities. This makes losing yourself in the jumble of winding streets a guaranteed way to stumble across something you’ve never heard of that will nevertheless leave your jaw on the cobbles.

11Bonus: Test the Czech Beer Brands

And don’t forget to try some of the famous Czech Beer. Much of the brewing history of Prague is connected to the various monasteries in the city, with brewing first recorded at the Benedictine Břevnov Monastery in 993 AD.

Today the Prague brewing scene is dominated by Staropramen, although there are several smaller breweries, the oldest being U Fleků, which was founded in 1499. Since the 1990s, various brewpubs have been established in the city.

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