The highlights of Iceland – along the Golden Circle

With this full-day tour you will experience the most beautiful and impressive sites that Iceland has to offer. Along the diverse landscape you will visit geysers, waterfalls and craters.

Enjoy the drive from Reykjavík, through the unique landscape over the hot spring Nesjavellir to Nationalparkingvellir National Park. This place has some special features. So here are the border of the Eurasian and American Earth columns and the oldest parliament of the earth. As early as 930 AD, the Norwegian Vikings held meetings here.

Discover during a short hike, the geological importance, which was due to the situation in the midst of four volcanic systems.

Continue to the Gullfoss waterfall, also known as the “Golden Waterfall”. The roaring masses of water rush down into the ravine of the river Hvítá. Experience the spectacle very close to its natural platform and feel the spray on your face.

The journey takes you further into the hot water area around Geysir and Strokkur. As a land of geysers, Iceland has countless natural wonders. Hot springs eject the water at regular or irregular intervals as a fountain. The Great Geyser and Strokkur are among the most spectacular in the country. About every 10 minutes the Strokkur encounters a 30 meter high fountain.

On the way back you visit the diocese of Skálholt, which was founded around 1000 and is one of the most important historical places in Iceland. Particularly impressive is the artistic design, as well as the objects from the 17th century.

A little further on is the town of Hveragerði. The additional name “the flourishing city”, was awarded due to the numerous greenhouses. More than 14 ha of land is under glass, thus establishing vegetable and flower growing.

With these impressive experiences of natural beauties and historical significance, you drive back to the capital.