The 5 Most Haunted Castles in Europe

There is no doubt, the imposing castles of Europe are a thing of beauty. But Castles also just naturally evoke a sense of the dark and foreboding even if they are not haunted. However, some castles have such a dark history or tragic reputation that the feeling of doom looms over them even centuries later. But surprisingly the spookiest Castles are also the most visited in Europe.

If you have an interest in the history of old castles in Europe, take a trip to Austria, Germany, Romania or England. Here you will find the most visited castles in the world.

1Castle Bran (Dracula’s Castle)

Castle Bran in Romania Photo: Bigstock

Most everyone is familiar with the story of Dracula, the vampire. Although the castle is not harboring any vampires, nor has it ever, it has become associated with the fictional characters and events.

It is located in Transylvania in the country of Romania. The castle was named after the ruler Vlad III Dracul. However, there is some speculation as to whether Vlad the Impaler actually ever lived in Castle Bran at all.

But that doesn’t stop people from being fascinated with the castle. Dracula’s Castle remains a favorite haunt on a Travel-Tour trough Europe.